Don't Talk To Us - Anonymous Quoting

With companies gating more and more information, you have to provide your name, email and phone number just to obtain pricing and product specs. You want the information but once you give your contact info you become a 'lead' and we all know what happens next. Sales people begin to reach out to you on a continuous basis through any means possible in order to have a conversation and 'build a relationship'. We started Evolution Technology Partners to remove the barriers created by this convoluted sales process and to put the control back in your hands through the use of our Anonymous Quoting Tool.

Challenging The System

We understand that by the time you approach vendors, you've done your research, have a general idea of the solutions available, and have a price you're willing to pay. At Evolution Technology Partners, we only require the information absolutely necessary to create a quote. Through our anonymous quoting system, we don't even need your email address! You dictate the terms of communication based on your schedule and preferences and, if you want to have a technical conversation, we'll put you in touch with the product engineers who have the answers you need.

How Do We Do It?

It's a sad fact that companies today constantly bombard you with phone calls and emails in an attempt to force a relationship. Instead, our business is built on the idea that controlled interactions by both buyer and provider can result in a more streamlined process. By providing a unique URL on the form submission confirmation page, we are able to post your quote at that location without requiring any additional information.  It's our hope that the experience we provide is so fundamentally different that you'll choose to do business with us for years to come. It's time for you to control the sales process so click on the services below for anonymous quoting and transparent pricing.

Carrier Services

Quickly and easily discover what's available at your location and exactly how much its going to cost. No salesperson necessary!

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Business Communication

From phones to full UCaaS systems, we give you all the information you need upfront to make the most informed decision for your business.

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Contact Centers

Use our feature guide to pick and choose your specific requirements to get an idea of which products fit best and how much they cost before ever having to speak with anyone.

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