Anonymous Quoting

How Our Anonymous Quotes Work

When requesting a quote for Carrier Services, Business Communications, or a Contact Center, we only ask for the information absolutely necessary to build the quote. This does not include such information as business name, email address or phone number.

So how do we get a quote to you?

After submitting an anonymous quote request, we automatically generate a unique URL on the form submission confirmation page. Once your quote is ready, it will be placed on the web page linked to that URL for you to view.

As we process your quote, your page will be updated with information regarding the status of your request. The length of time it will take for your quote to be delivered depends on the complexity of the request, however, our goal is a turn-around time within 24-48 hours. If you would like us to notify you that the quote has been posted, you have the option of leaving your email address which we will ONLY use to notify you once the quote is ready and for no additional contact unless approved by you.

Once posted, your quote will remain active for 30 days and then removed unless we hear from you.

By respecting your time and your schedule with our anonymous quoting tool, our goal is to prove that the sales process can be built on controlled interaction between the buyer and provider rather than annoying calls and emails at inconvenient times throughout the day in pursuit of a sale.